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Posted 2 years ago
by nickonetwenty

New school web development

Are you tired of LAMP, shared hosting, centralised version control, and old school project management tools?

Maybe you want to try some new web development hotness, but don’t want to shell out much cash and don’t know where to start.

Just in case it might be useful, here’s a quick rundown of some of the things we use (starting roughly with the most general purpose):

  1. Google Apps: Free email, calendar, and real-time collaborative document editing for up to 10 accounts on your own domain.
  2. Dropbox: Free cloud storage. Not as much base storage as other cloud services, but very popular.
  3. Trello: General purpose virtual task boards. Be sure to use the checklists.
  4. git: Distributed version control system that has seen wide adoption (eg. github).
  5. bitbucket: Free hosting for unlimited private git projects with up to 5 users. 
  6. nodejs: Write a web app server in javascript (or better yet, CoffeeScript). We tend to always use the express, jade, stylus, and modules.
  7. nodemon: Automatically restart node when source files change. Handy!
  8. CoffeeScript: Write elegant syntax-light code that compiles to javascript. Compiler can be setup to watch files and compile on demand.
  9. Knockout: Client-side javascript library that binds DOM elements to dynamic data. Highly customisable. Looks beautiful in coffeescript.
  10. nodester: Free nodejs hosting platform (deploy via git and CLI). Software that drives it is open source.
  11. mongolab: Free mongoDB hosting (for up to 240MB of data). Truth be told, we haven’t really used this yet.
  12. Code School: Structured learning to help introduce you to most of this stuff. A very good starting point compared to digging through docs and forums.

I guess that jQuery goes without saying (plus, it isn’t really super new school… it’s more kinda… middle school). jQuery Mobile probably also deserves a mention though, as does Sublime Text 2.

Hmmm, I’ll stop now. Let us know if you found this list useful.